Monday, April 5, 2010

And so it begins.......

Well yesterday I went a little crazy in the kitchen. Fancy that, eh! I woke up and immediately demanded that I produce a little easter treat seeing as I wasn't prepared to waste money buying said treats from the grocery giants. Have a cuppa I said, but this thing takes forever I said, and I don't want to be full of afternoon tea when I want to be settling down for dinner I said. (NB: I have developed a (un?)healthy habit of talking to myself over the years, mayhaps blogging will ease that ailment?). So I got to work, and quickly before it turned into an argument.

So what exactly am I talking (to myself) about? Gubana.....or Il Forno (small snail) It's an Italian Celebration Bread/Cake thing-o. And it's pretty special to eat I must say. I kind of melded a few recipe ideas, but mostly just followed the recipe posted at Thanks citrusandcandy!


  1. Omg, what a great start to your blog, you should do a recipe book, i can help you out with pictures there seeing you are (and I quote) "a crappy photographer" lol, lucky your a good cook :) Sam

  2. Thanks Sam,

    I guess if you are helping with photos, you will have to be around at dinner time a lot? lol

    I am hoping I get better as I go along, but would love any advice or pointers if you can think of any that will help!